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Automatic Driving Lessons

The beauty about learning to drive in an automatic car is there are no gears, which means you can concentrate on driving and quickly developing your skills without needing to take your hands off the steering wheel or you eyes away from the road. Can you see why this is going to be so much easier?

How To Pass First Time
The driving test is nothing more than a measure of your safe driving ability, its all about being safe and right from your first driving lesson we are going to teach how to be safe at all times. Then as you learn new skills you will apply them to our safe driving framework.

To be a safe driver you need to be in control of the car, aware of hazards and changing your driving to suit, driving with the mind set of a safe driver and obeying the Highway Code.
Now because we are going to help you develop this into your learning from your first driving lesson, when you get to your driving test you will be a bit of a natural.

How Many Driving Lessons Will You Need?
This will depend on a few factors and here we will show you how to reduce the number hours you will need. For learners who take driving lessons here and there, for example, one hour this week and 2 hours in 2 weeks time isn’t really good for learning. The longer the time in between driving lessons the more you forget and it means more driving lessons. So try your best to have at least 2 hours a week, every week, and 4 hours if you can.
You will not be taking more driving lessons overall, in fact it will reduce the amount of professional tuition you will need.

Hod Do You Know When You Are Ready?
You want to be a safe driver and that is the only way you will pass your driving test, apart from your driving instructor saying you are ready it is good for you to know yourself. When you start learning to drive you will be given a progress report card it details all the skills you need to learn and monitors your performance, as soon as all skills are marked as being “independent” you are ready. Furthermore you will be given a mock driving test and will be driving on your final few lessons without the assistance of your driving instructor. Without any doubt you are ready to pass your driving test.

So Why Choose Automatic Driving Lessons
You may have noticed that more and more cars are now automatic and that is because the technology is so brilliant and because of the rise of electric cars. It will not be that long until more people take their driving test in an automatic than a manual.

When you drive an automatic you will not stall the car, you will not drop back on hill starts and of course you do not need to learn how to use gears and a complicated clutch.

What Next?
Pick up the phone and give us a call. We can answer all of your questions and we will be able to give you some welcome support and advice if you ask for it.
To learn to drive in an Automatic car call us today.