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We Know Why You Have Been Failing Your Test
And We Can Fix You
We Have The Experience You Need To Get Your Driving Licence

We know why you have been failing your driving test because we meet people just like you everyday, and the mistakes are not really your fault, they are mistakes you have introduced into your driving while learning and have not been corrected. Furthermore you have been allowed to take your driving test while you have these errors in your driving.

The driving test is a measuring device to see if you are a safe driver and can drive safely without needing any help or assistance, so if you have errors in your driving you are not going to pass.

Before you go to your driving test, you should have completed your progress report, been classified as an independent driver, passed a mock test and to be driving without assistance from your driving instructor. We know if you have been failing your driving test you will not have done what we have stated.

How to get you sorted?
This is a specialist course designed to understand your driving strengths and weaknesses, these are not just standard driving lessons and comes as a 10 hour course.
The process starts with a telephone consultation worth £20 which we give to you free of charge, you do not even need to enroll on our course to take advantage of this offer.
We will ask about your driving history, ask for your opinion, build and impression of what has been occurring and we will ask you questions so you can clearly understand what you need to do to move forward.

The 10 hour course is split into 5 sessions each consisting of 2 hours.
Session 1 – A mock test, lesson plan, and corrective tuition.
Session 2 – corrective tuition.
Session 3 – corrective tuition.
Session 4 – corrective tuition. 
Session 5 – your driving test.

Before you go into the driving test you will be a changed driver.
The driving examiner wants to know you are a safe driver and this is what you will be able to do….

1. Drive without assistance
2. To be in control of the car at all times
3. To be aware of emerging hazards and react accordingly
4. To follow the Highway Code
5. To have the mindset of a safe driver

Our specialist training has helped many learner drivers like you pass their driving test.
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