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Helping You Complete Your Driving Skills
So You Can Pass Your Driving Test
We Have The Experience You Need To Get Your Driving Licence

Part trained driving lessons are for people who have previously taken driving lessons either with friends, family or a driving school and now you are in a position to finish off what you started. Because this is an automatic driving school you have have started to learn in a manual car and now prefer to take the straight forward option of driving with 2 pedals and no gear stick.

There are two things you need to consider about this specialist course. Firstly we are going to teach you how to be a safe driver because that is the standard you need to be at to get your driving licence. Secondly we will use all of your current skills and experience, no matter how little or how much, as a platform to learning. In short you will not start from the beginning.

Your journey starts on your first phone call to us by just outlining what you have already done an when. The more detail you can give the better, but your first driving lesson is going to set your benchmark. On your first driving lesson with us we will discover what you can do, what you can’t and what you need to practice.

You will then be given a plan of learning, we call it a progress report card and it details what you have learned, how good you are, what you need to learn and what you need to practice to get better at. After each lesson more of the progress report form will become completed and this show you are getting closer for your driving test.

As you can see from what we have explained, learning to drive with us is fairly simple, straight forward and easy to do. This is how we think your learning ought to be…oh and lets throw some fun into the equation as well.

To find out more, or to have any of your questions answered just give us a call right away.